Crypto Payment Request App


Compatible with all cryptocurrencies

The Cryptobill app, in conjunction with the Cryptobill token, enables seamless cryptocurrency transactions

The CryptoBill Token is the in-app currency of the CryptoBill App, seamlessly integrated and easily accessible for adding to invoices with just a single tap. Additionally, there is more utility currently in development for the token to further enhance the user experience.

There is a 2% buy and sell tax on the Cryptobill token. This tax helps to promote the token and support ongoing project development, ensuring that the token remains strong and sustainable. We're committed to maintaining a consistent tax rate and will always remain 2%, so you can plan your investments accordingly.

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Feature rich with intuitive design

Send and receive invoices in Crypto


Store and view all your invoices from one secure dashboard

Send and receive invoices in Crypto


View in-depth information on any of the invoices including payment status with the option to rate the transaction to build up community trust

Send and receive invoices in Crypto


Filter invoice status by trading partner, date and payment status

Save time

Say goodbye to creating invoices, managing invoices and tracking the status of payments manually, and hello to being notified as soon as your invoice is paid!

Customized dashboards and reportings

Track, verify, and organize all your payments requests in a single dashboard.


Simple and budget friendly subscription options starting from $5


$ 5 Monthly
  • Send up to 10 invoices


$ 10 Monthly
  • Send up to 100 invoices


$ 20 Monthly
  • Send up to 500 invoices


$ 30 Monthly
  • Send unlimited invoices

Client testimonials

With the CryptoBill app, you'll save time, increase efficiency, stay compliant, and reduce stress. And that's just the beginning - our app offers so much more to help streamline your business and make your payment process easier!

Alex Cartwright
United Kingdom
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I recently started using the CryptoBill app to manage and track my cryptocurrency payments.. So far, I've been really impressed with the app and how it has streamlined my invoicing process.
Steve Walker
United States
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I've been using the Crypto Invoicing app for the past month to manage and track my cryptocurrency payments, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the app. It has made a huge difference in the way I do business.
Katie Anderson
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Overall, I highly recommend the Crypto Invoicing app to anyone who does business with cryptocurrency. It's a great tool for managing and tracking transactions, and has made a big difference in my business operations.

Make cryptocurrency payments for your business easier with CryptoBill.



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